There are many things that need to be learnt and done to have a successful social media program for your company and having used and been an active proponent of social media, I can help you down the right path. Todd Vendituoli believes in social media and what it can do for your brand but using social media to enhance your marketing plan shouldn’t be just something you try and hope for the best. I can almost guarantee that your results will not be what you were hoping for if you decide to just “wing it”.  Social media should be used in conjunction with your marketing goals to enhance them and shouldn’t be treated as a separate entity.


What we offer:

  •  Individual programs for companies just starting out with social media such as how to set up a blog, use Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ as well as how to post and build relationships and much more. This can be accomplished by us or can be done in house or online. I can teach you or oversee and run your program to make it a success, the choice is yours.


  • We will help you in deciding the best use for what you are looking to achieve such as product development in the market, consumer service and feedback or promoting your brand through better awareness.


  • We will work with you and advice you of the best techniques and practices to ensure that your social media efforts are a success and tailor plans that will work for you and your company based on your company. The ability to utilize various social media platforms is key to your success and knowing how to do that is where we can help.


  • Social media has no set plan that works for every business. It is an individual process based on your companies’ goals.  Given that, we would love to talk to you and help you either increase your present program or get started on a new one.

Speaking engagements:

I am also available for speaking engagements to go over almost any topic concerning social media, whether it be discussing the basics and getting started or more advanced uses in order to grow your audience and business. I’ve taken years to develop what I now know and do in the world of social media and would love to be able to talk to you so that you may start to realize the benefits. It may seem daunting at first but there are ways to increase your social presence and gain a following and knowing the steps involved is a key component to your programs success.


Previously employed for social media coverage and other marketing.

Rebecca Reynolds of Kitchen Ink  and New Canaan Kitchens

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Please contact- Todd Vendituoli so we can get the process started and get you rolling full gear into the world of social media.