Replacing the kitchen faucet

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I was asked to replace a kitchen faucet recently and it wasn’t too much of an issue even for here. Truth be told I think it is within the capacity of many people, providing they have the right tools and knowledge.

First when you buy a replacement faucet you’ll need to know what your present sink has for hole spacings. Are there two or three so that you can purchase the appropriate new model that will fit. You will also need a few tools such plumber’s tape such as shown below to to wrap the threads of your connections and keep them from leaking.

BuildingBlox- sink faucet replacement 005

You will also need a plumber’s wrench which is designed to work in the tight space where the connections are behind the sink. Other wrenches will be needed to tighten the pieces before you install them such as the fitting above.

Plumber’s wrench

BuildingBlox wrenches and pears 002

Next step- crawl under and turn off the water supply lines and open the faucet. Now detach the supply lines where they attach to the fittings near the sink. The plumber’s wrench is needed here. A small amount of water that is within the lines will leak out but have a rag handy and soak that up. Also if there is a sprayer line, detach that from below.

Now that the lines are detached, reach up and there will be two or three plastic nuts that hold the faucet to the sink. Detach these and the faucet will easily come out from above. The Old faucet is out.

Now to prep the new one. There are three places that you need to wrap with the plumber’s tape, hot, cold and sprayer line in the middle.

BuildingBlox- sink faucet replacement 006 BuildingBlox- sink faucet replacement 007

Take the old sprayer piece out and put the new one and the hose through that hole. Now take your new faucet and drop it into the holes on the sink and back down you go. Reattach the plastic nuts that hold the faucet to the sink and reattach the supply lines to the hot, cold and sprayer lines making sure hot goes to hot, cold to cold. We’ve all done this wrong at some point.

The next thing I usually do is take off the faucet strainer/aerator. It just screws on the end. I do this just to make sure if there was any junk in the lines it blows out and doesn’t clog up the aerator.

Open the values to let the water run and turn on the hot and cold. Water should be coming out and as it does take a minute to make sure there are no leaks below. If all is well, turn off the water, reattach the aerator piece, stand back and admire your work. You did it!

So do you think you could replace a faucet?

Or would you rather just get the plumber in to do it for you?

Let me know what you would do?

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