Parenting and Home Security Go Hand in Hand

Home security is vitally important, especially when you have a family, and when you have children, it throws up all kinds of issues about how better to protect your home against the threat of invasion from intruders and thieves. On the one hand, there are the obvious issues of windows and doors being closed and locked when they should be, but as we know, home security goes a lot further than that.

When is the Right Time to Hand Over The Keys?

Trusting children to be alone in the home and having the responsibility of having their own keys and access to your property is a personal thing, and completely up to your judgement. The insurance company conducted research recently that showed that 40% of parents are giving a set of home keys to children under the age of 18, with 8% of those key-holders are under nine years of age with 18% aged between nine and 11.

There will undoubtedly be gasps of shock from some parents over this news. You could argue that some children mature quickly than others and that responsible ages differ in children, but others would argue that this is simply too much responsibility for a young child to have. Some parents won’t allow their children to be home alone until they are 14 years old or above. It is a huge grey area.

Teach Your Children The Importance of Locking Up

One way to find out whether or not your children are ready for the responsibility of having their own keys and being home alone is to sit them down and talk to them about the importance of home security, and to give them the knowledge they need about what to do in an emergency and basic home security tips in order to make sure that they understand how essential it is that they are vigilant and secure in the home.

This includes teaching them the home alarm system, how to deal with visitors to the home (as burglars will often pose as salesmen or tradesmen to get a good look at your home) and other safety procedures in order to ensure that parents will have the peace of mind that their children are responsible. Parents have their own instincts, and are the best judges of whether or not their children are ready.

Social Media Etiquette

Outside of the physical element of home security, there is also the online issue. Children are spending more and more time on the internet and smartphones these days, and criminals are getting more and more social media savvy. Parents should be vetting their children’s social networks, ensuring that they are not being contacted by anyone untoward, and that they are not posting incriminating information on the profiles that could see them targeted by thieves. Leaving Facebook statuses such as ‘Home alone and loving it’ and having your address on your profile is just asking for trouble. It’s important that parents are looking out for instances like this, as it could be a threat to your home security.

Daley works with physical security company to keep homes and businesses fully secure, and to give advice for communities to be better protected.

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