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Now that we’re upon summer and you’re putting out your old patio furniture, you may be thinking it’s time for an upgrade. One of the classic lawn chairs is the Adirondack chair.

They have a classic look and for the most part they are very comfortable to sit in. I have had a few over the years that the proportions were off and they were only enjoyable if you could put your feet up. I’m sure you’ve also seen these colorful plastic one that have been out for a few years now too.

They’re fun and lightweight and in the right setting they might be just what you were after. We have some in Vermont and some to get some here in Eleuthera. They don’t need to be painted, the bugs won’t eat them and they will not rot. Those are important things to consider in a place with termites, tons of salt and sun and and environment that is tough on most things.

Today there are a multitude of options for outdoor furniture to choose from that are designed and made to last outdoors. There are even cushions that do not need to be brought in nightly due to the materials used. I remember the cloth cushions of my childhood and getting in trouble for not bringing them in before a rain storm.

Today there are also wicker sets that are actually made from plastic so weather is not an issue either. We have some “wicker” chairs here in the Bahamas. They are not like the ones shown below but more the classic ones that come to most people’s mind.

Ours look more like this and we have no issues of painting or such as they’re plastic. We also don’t have to worry about the sun or a sudden rain storm bothering them.


I even remember when these where the rage and then went out of fashion only to be a hot item again.

Outdoor furniture needs to be comfortable and lasting. If you have to take them under cover after every little sprinkle or shower, I think you’d quickly grow tired of that routine. These metal chairs fit the lasting part but as I remember, they weren’t all that comfortable for very long.
Wooden outdoor furniture has a very appealing look and with the right woods such as teak or mahogany  they will last for many years. Depending on the wood species most will develop a grey patina over time due to oxidizing that naturally occurs to wood if left untreated. By applying a sealer you can avoid the changing color but that finish will have to be applied every few years. Myself, I like the aged grey of a piece of wood that has been left to weather naturally. It’s sort of a badge that says it has withstood the elements and is still doing fine!

It really doesn’t matter what your outdoor furniture is and some can be funky and made of wood.

They can be a bit more formal and made for comfortably lounging around and even an afternoon snooze.
They can be funky and a conversation starter!
However what ever your style and taste for outdoor furniture is, you should be able to find it! If it’s comfortable, fits your lifestyle then to me there is no right or wrong as long as you’re enjoying your time outdoors!
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