Networking, learning and camaraderie at #BrizoFW

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Attending events such as this one that was sponsored by Brizo is a wonderful way to connect the virtual world of social media with real life experiences. When you are there you get to meet people that you have known on line and it’s like meeting old friends that you just haven’t seen for a bit. You also get to learn about a company’s products, thoughts and processes in a way that creates a lasting value. For instance- just reading about a product or seeing it is fine but when combined with the experience of being in a new place, enjoying new things and sharing those thoughts with a group of friends- this is what makes it memorable.

So as you can see events such as these are truly a wonderful experience and everyone benefits. The bloggers get the royal treatment in every direction and have some exciting experiences and new insight into products that they can then write about. The company gets to let us in on the designs, present and upcoming, asks for our inputs as to what we see in the market and they get the added exposure from all that we are sure to write about. We’re bloggers after all.

So if you can ever be part of an event such as this, don’t even think or hesitate to attend as the experience is truly unbelievable in every aspect. Thank you Brizo and stay tuned for more to come!


Brizo, the faucet brand for the fashion forward, invited me to New York to see its newest products and attend an exclusive expenses-paid, design-focused event during Fashion Week.

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