Carlisle wide plank floors

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Carlisle Wood plank floors started years ago in New England from a humble start and has continued to grow with showrooms around the country. The reason for their growth is in part due to the look of a wood floor. It imparts a warmth and richness that cannot be duplicated with other materials.



Heart Pine

The other reason that they have continued to expand, is the quality of their products and how they are produced. Just as the early settlers used the heart of the tree for their flooring so does Carlisle. By offering this, boards are far less likely to curl and warp and will stand up to years of constant use. They are also slow in producing their stock compared to most modern flooring mills. “The average flooring mill makes 5,000 SF per hour, Carlisle makes about 360 square feet per hour.” They take their time to make sure that the flooring you receive is top quality because wide plank flooring uses a different approach.

Wide plank flooring offers a few other advantages too. One of these is that there are fewer seams versus other wood flooring which gives your room a unique look compared to the smaller more common 3″ planks.


These wider boards are also made possible from larger and more mature trees and when harvested open up forest space for younger trees to mature. This is a sustainable feature for anyone considering a wood flooring product.

Carlisle also offers a line of Reclaimed floor which is absolutely beautiful . Shown below is a chestnut floor from old chestnut boards that have been given a new life for someone to enjoy for years to come.

This happens to be one of my favorites because of its uniqueness and varying shades. It would be a wonderful touch in a rustic setting or applied in a room to add that old time country feeling.

Grandpa’s Floor

We sometimes discover other parts of the building – old floorboards or structural floor joists that we carefully clean, inspect and preserve with minimal milling. The result is Grandpa’s Floor – a “reborn” floor whose original primitive beauty was once covered up by ground-in dirt, debris and years of abuse. The aged blend of rich pumpkin and deep charcoal color tones is amplified by the original stains, watermarks and saw kerfs. Our most unique and rustic floor.

My advice would be to sit down with your designer, architect or builder and look through your options as there are many. Choice a style that fits your home and personal taste and contact Carlisle for pricing,sizes and availability. This is also a project that I would advise hiring a flooring contractor. It may look easy but there are techniques to know such as wall set backs, nailing patterns and more and you surely want the best installation for your wonderful new floor.

To learn more please visit: Carlisle wide plank floors

All photos and quotes sourced from Carlisle unless noted.

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