Bermuda Roofs

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Bermuda Roofs. That is what is shown in the photo below and you may have seen them either in photos or if you were lucky enough to visit Bermuda.

Bermuda roof

In Bermuda and most of the tropics there is a price that has to be paid in the form of potential hurricanes and lack of fresh water and these roofs were developed over hundreds of years to deal with both issues.

As a note – by law, every home must collect at least 80% of the water that lands on it. Water is a precious commodity.

Below is how a traditional Bermuda roof is built and originally they were made from limestone and then coated with a layer of cement and sealed with a non toxic whitewash. The white roof reflects the sun’s heat and the water brought down to the cistern needs to be as clean as possible for the home’s use.

Bermuda roof detail

Now to collect the rain water a integral gutter is made at the bottom of the roof edge which then sends all the collected water to a cistern. Once there, a pump is used to deliver the water throughout the home.


There are also other methods used for a gutter collection system such as the ones shown below.

This one shows a gutter that is built into the wall using a 4″ PVC pipe that connects to the cistern below.

Bermuda gutter system

In this photo a ridge is made that guides the rain water to a gutter and down spout.

Bermuda roof gutter details

Today there are a few different materials and methods that can be used for constructing a Bermuda roof and it is no longer limited to limestone. Cement tiles and EPS are now used as well as covering the roof deck with cement board and a layer of Ice and Water Shield. However what hasn’t changed is what a Bermuda Roof does.

It protects the roof from the up lift effects of a hurricane due to the lack of exposed edges and provides much needed fresh water. Tested over time and used in many places.

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2 Responses to Bermuda Roofs

  1. Natasha Major says:

    I am presently looking into repairing a Bermuda Roof for a home I purchased recently, and I am trying to find the most cost effective way of purchasing the materials. Is there anyway to help me with this?

    • I assume that you aren’t doing the repairs yourself so I would look for contractors in your area. If you find someone then make sure that they have experience doing these types of roofs and ask for references.

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