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  • Merry Christmas from Eleuthera

    Todd Vendituoli

    As of Saturday, we will be headed back to New England for Christmas but here’s some photos from Eleuthera. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and A Wonderful New Year! There is no separation of Church and State …

  • Cuba and The Bahamas

    Todd Vendituoli

    As many of you know, I spend a lot of time in the Bahamas and about 10 years ago I discussed Cuba with a Bahamian friend. He had been there many times and I, as an American, have never been. …

  • Bathroom and Kitchen Renovation made easy

    Todd Vendituoli

    Sponsored   Whether you’re looking to sharpen up your bathroom, or extend your kitchen further, this is the best time of year for DIY, and the shops are full of those who want to improve their home for the forthcoming …

Centrl Aired

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  • Ways To Cut Costs For Your Building Business

    Todd Vendituoli

    Sponsored Post The building business is responsible for a number of things, from the supplying of industrial supplies, to the construction itself. With a construction business, you will take care of a number of things, and other than the construction, …

  • External Doors and Blinds: Why Different Rules Apply

    Todd Vendituoli

    Sponsored In a bid to retain privacy and even for mere decoration purposes, a lot of us decide to cover our external doors with blinds. However, unlike the traditional window, much different rules apply and it can be very easy …

  • The New Range Safe Knobs on Kickstarter

    Todd Vendituoli

    I’ve known Trevor Lawson of Eurostoves in Beverly, MA for a few years now and he just started this Kickstarter campaign for his new Range Safe Knobs. I recently had a conversation with Trevor and we discussed how this new …

  • French Leave Beach, Eleuthera, Bahamas- Video

    Todd Vendituoli

    Almost every day  we try to get a walk in on French Leave Beach here in Eleuthera, Bahamas and here’s a short video of what that’s like.

  • Win a $300 Sennheiser Headphone set

    Todd Vendituoli

    Here’s a great opportunity and relatively easy to do for a chance to win a set of great headphones. Complete your desk with the limited-edition gold HeadStand (desktop headphone hanger), and show us to win $300 Sennheiser headphones. It doesn’t …

  • Video- Fall ride through the White Mountains

    Todd Vendituoli

    Here’s a video that we took using a GoPro Camera of a fall trip through the White Mountains of New Hampshire. The scenery is always spectacular in the fall as you snake your way through the mountains. The camera does …

The ChalkBoard

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  • Replacing a bath faucet

    Replacing a bath faucet really isn’t all that hard to do yourself and takes only a wrench and plumber’s tape. This is a shot of the old bath faucet and it needed to be replaced due to a corrosion issue …

  • Fall clouds in Burke, Vermont- Time Lapsed Video

    Here’s a time lapsed video that I shot in Burke, Vermont showing the fall cloud movement using a Brinno TLC200 Pro Time Lapse camera. The cloud movement over time is really quite impressive and something that you wouldn’t ordinarily see …

  • How to replace an old toilet

    After a period of time or even a newly designed bathroom, it may be time to replace the old toilet with a new one. Here’s how. The old toilet had been in place for almost thirty years so it was …

The Front Porch

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  • Ghosts of the beach

    Todd Vendituoli

    You see whole trees like this along the beaches here and I see them as ghosts. They are always around. Just laying there. Previous storms tore them out of the beach edges where they grew and buried part of them …

  • Full moon rising- Time lapse video

    Todd Vendituoli

    I made this time lapse video of the full moon rising in Eleuthera, Bahamas the other night. I love seeing the clouds streaming by and know they are moving but you get a much better feel for it when you …

  • Cupid’s Cay, Eleuthera Sunrise 1

    Todd Vendituoli

    I made this time lapse video of the sunrise from Cupid’s Cay in Eleuthera, Bahamas looking over the water. Sunrises and sunsets here are usually quite spectacular and being on a small island we try to enjoy them both whenever …