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  • Tyler Vendituoli’s Newest Metal Sculptures

    Todd Vendituoli

    Yesterday we were in Burlington, Vermont visiting our son, Tyler Vendituoli and getting a  look at his newest metal sculptures that he made for Art Hop. The modern totem pole named “Waheguru” stand at 18′ tall with various figures built …

  • New England Lobster Roll

    Sidney Vendituoli

    Now, Lobster is all the rage for the last few years.  For some reason they are very plentiful and the price (I’m sorry Lobsterman) is way down.  Like you can buy a pound of lobster meat, all cooked and picked …

  • A trip up to Mount Washington on the Cog Railway

    Todd Vendituoli

    Sid and I have wanted to ride the Cog Railway to the top of Mount Washington for years now so I had been watching the weather and yesterday we decided to do it. The views were breathtaking and years ago …

Centrl Aired

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  • Wharfedale’s Jade Loudspeakers

    Todd Vendituoli

    Wharfedale’s Jade Series stereo and home theater loudspeakers combine beautiful design with superlative sound, making them at home in the most refined living environments, decorator styles and home furnishings. Wharfedale is Britain’s oldest loudspeaker company with a heritage of design elegance …

  • What’s the rectangle in the lawn?

    Todd Vendituoli

    Here’s a photo I recently took and I wondered how many others have seen something similar? So what’s the rectangle in the lawn? Is it just a quirk of the lawn? Man made? Aliens landing on the lawn? Go ahead …

  • Natural Stone: Antolini Debuts A zerobact

    Todd Vendituoli

    Designed by Nature and Perfected in Italy, Antolini is synonymous with a design provided to the World by a force more brilliant than any designer who has ever walked the planet: the master of creation itself. Thus, Antolini uses exclusive …

  • Quinoa Salad with Roasted Red Pepper and Corn

    Sidney Vendituoli

    A couple years ago our son’s girlfriend came to visit with us in the Bahama’s for 10 days.  Being a vegetarian, she kindly brought much of her own foods, and had great pride in introducing us to her diet.  One …

  • Can you spot the roofing error?

    Todd Vendituoli

      Can you spot the roofing error or maybe it’s not really an error? It should be fairly obvious or at least I think so. Now when you look at the ridge line and the valley, all the lines intersect. …

  • Sebastian Errazuriz’s Explosion Kinetic Cabinet

    Todd Vendituoli

    Here’s a great example by Sebastian Errazuriz of combining art and furniture in a wonderful kinetic cabinet called Explosion that changes as parts are moved. As you can see in the animation below it really is a mind blowing piece …

The ChalkBoard

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  • Sign of fall

    Well when you start to see fog over the lakes because the water is warmer than the air, its a sure sign of the start of fall.    

  • Yachts in Newport Harbor

    The other day we were in Newport, RI and visiting friends that have a boat so we went around Newport Harbor and admired some of the incredible yachts. When I was younger I spent a great deal of time in …

  • The Stammtisch Table by Alfredo Häberli for Quodes

    The Stammtisch Table by Alfredo Häberli for Quodes features a wooded top and metal joined with wood for the legs. Stammtisch means “the regulars table”. The joining of the metal and wood for the legs is done in the same fashion as for handgrip …

The Front Porch

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  • Driving in the White Mountains of New Hampshire

    Todd Vendituoli

    If you ever get to New England, a drive through the White Mountains in New Hampshire is something you should definitely add to your must see list. As we get into late summer the trees are still green but you …

  • The New Ikea Bookbook-video

    Todd Vendituoli

    I’m not sure that you’ve seen the video for the new Ikea Bookbook and the campaign has some interesting points as well as homage. Have a look at the video which has been previously shown in Europe and Asia and …

  • It’s been a busy month

    Todd Vendituoli

    Well it’s surely been a busy month since I’ve been back in the US with all kinds of travels to Maine, Vermont and Rhode Island. We’ve been visiting with family and friends and enjoying the newest member of the family- …