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  • Snorkeling in Eleuthera, Bahamas

    Todd Vendituoli

    This summer I bought a GoPro camera and hadn’t had the chance to use it underwater until we returned to Eleuthera, Bahamas and did some snorkeling. The water this day was a bit turned up but the video still was …

  • Real gems for walls and more by Precioustone/Antolini

    Todd Vendituoli

    Antolini of Italy is amping up its Precioustone line of natural stone, which is made of real gem stones, a more rare kind of natural stone that is often used for jewelry…. but Antolini is making whole walls and tables from these …

  • Glass Blowing at SolinGlass- Video

    Todd Vendituoli

    Not long ago I visited and attended a glass blowing class at SolinGlass in Brattleboro, VT with Randi Solin and Marie Formichelli Walker and loved it. It was something that I had wanted to do for years and I learned …

Centrl Aired

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  • Win a $300 Sennheiser Headphone set

    Todd Vendituoli

    Here’s a great opportunity and relatively easy to do for a chance to win a set of great headphones. Complete your desk with the limited-edition gold HeadStand (desktop headphone hanger), and show us to win $300 Sennheiser headphones. It doesn’t …

  • Video- Fall ride through the White Mountains

    Todd Vendituoli

    Here’s a video that we took using a GoPro Camera of a fall trip through the White Mountains of New Hampshire. The scenery is always spectacular in the fall as you snake your way through the mountains. The camera does …

  • Time lapse video of sunrise in Maine and Vermont

    Todd Vendituoli

    I’ve been playing a lot with my Brinno BCC 100 and so I made these two videos of a sunrise in Vermont and another in Maine. I soon have to return this camera as I only had it for review …

  • Gary Morga’s Tea Pot and Cocktail Swizzle Sticks

    Todd Vendituoli

    I’ve shown you works of Gary Morga in the past and today I’d like to show you his Tea Pot and Swizzle sticks as well as his commentary. I asked Gary to write a bit about his works and this …

  • Rent like you own- Advice from Grohe

    Todd Vendituoli

    There are many advantages to renting a home: It’s a good way to experience a neighborhood before buying, is less expensive than staying in a hotel while your own house is undergoing a renovation and is an excellent first step …

  • Wharfedale’s Jade Loudspeakers

    Todd Vendituoli

    Wharfedale’s Jade Series stereo and home theater loudspeakers combine beautiful design with superlative sound, making them at home in the most refined living environments, decorator styles and home furnishings. Wharfedale is Britain’s oldest loudspeaker company with a heritage of design elegance …

The ChalkBoard

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  • How to replace an old toilet

    After a period of time or even a newly designed bathroom, it may be time to replace the old toilet with a new one. Here’s how. The old toilet had been in place for almost thirty years so it was …

  • A Visit to Creative Woodworking

    Last week we had the pleasure of visiting Sandy Connolly and Emery Morse of Creative Woodworking in Windsor, Vermont to view their cutting boards. I’ve known Sandy for quite some time now and their newest business is growing by leaps and …

  • Sign of fall

    Well when you start to see fog over the lakes because the water is warmer than the air, its a sure sign of the start of fall.    

The Front Porch

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  • Building a split wooden gate

    Todd Vendituoli

    Sometimes an opening is just too large for a single gate so it’s best to build a split gate and for this one I used wood that we already had. In this case the opening was close to 4′ wide …

  • Designer Kitchens of Ireland

    Todd Vendituoli

    I’ve known Darren Morgan of Designer Kitchens for a few years through social media channels and I thought you might enjoy seeing some of his work. Someday I’d love to visit Ireland and stop by for a tour of the …

  • Sunday Funday- Vermont in Fall

    Todd Vendituoli

    The foliage in Vermont is almost at its end but there are still some great colors and views but sadly we all know what comes next.